What if Google starts doing it?

This has been a question I have come across many times, and must say, is not a pointless one. I have been asked this by my friends many times I discuss an idea with them, and Google told me that many VCs do it too.

I have always loved Google. For their culture, for the simple UI of their products, for supporting open technologies, for providing high-quality products (mostly) for free, unless you are a power user; and for tackling big problems.

Theoretically, many of those things are still valid. But there is a problem. I am no longer a student, and when I pick a product, especially for professional use, I have to know that it will work, I will get the support in case I need it; and most importantly, it will still be around 6 months or 2 years from now. That is where this argument has started faltering lately. I’m sure Google is not abandoning mail anytime soon. But can I be certain about things like Blogger, Calendar, or Feedburner? Not with certainty, I suppose. They’ll notify us in their Spring Cleaning updates and give time to export the data, but I still don’t see why shouldn’t I just stick to a company that is focused on that one product.

If you want to do something they are already doing, I think you should not let this fact be the sole deterrent, as long as you know there is a market and you know that you can provide a solid product and good support.


2 thoughts on “What if Google starts doing it?

  1. I’m sure they’re not dropping email soon, but after the recent moves in dropping XMPP and CalDAV, dropping IMAP support for mail must be on their cards (after all they can’t push ads in IMAP).

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